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  The perfect complement to synthetic phonics.
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 "Many products make extravagant claims about their usefulness. Write Right is   one of the few that delivers.
 "This is an incredibly useful piece of software for dyslexics..."
 "All users were positive about Write Right..."
 "This program is extremely good value and many parents might wish to    purchase a copy for home use...

     Not our words, but taken from an independent evaluation by Schoolzone.                   Click to read it in full Schoolzone link

"This is a most unique tool. I have never come across a package like it.
  "...this remarkable spell checker makes it invaluable to dyslexic students and    poor spellers ..
 "It was a pleasure to discover this program and I will be using it again ... as well   as recommending its use to colleagues across the curriculum...

From The TEEM evaluation.           Click to read it all  

Do you need help with Dyslexia or weak spelling?
Do you struggle with the difference between
, their, and they're?
Would something like this help?

With Write Right  a panel like that above pops up whenever you type a word which has different spellings for different meanings - but sounds just the same. Just click to enter the right word into your text.
If you typed 'I bort a CD' into your word processing program the chances are that for bort it would find words like:- borty, abort, boot, bout
Write Right
gives you this...

Kan yoo reed this centuns?
Mite you ryt this wun?

Then Write Right is probably for you!

Try utenshn, bicoz, kort, dubl and inuf in your spell checker - Write Right finds them all.

But Write Right doesn't just have pictures. You can listen to every word you have written.
You can hear every word Write Right finds.
If you want it to Write Right will even provide a picture for and speak many common words as you type them. With this program dyslexia or weak
spelling need not be a problem.

Write Right is an invaluable teaching tool as well.
Levels of help can be altered.
Students can be required to type wrongly spelt words correctly before they're replaced in the text.
Words not found by Write Right can be highlighted for later correction by parent or teacher.
A record of mistakes and their corrections can be kept...

...and so on. But why not try the program for yourself - FREE for 30 days?

You can download it by clicking the Download button on the left.

Please note - Write Right uses International (non US) spelling conventions and standard English pronunciations.

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