Some Instructions For Use With Hewlett Packard, Lexmark

and certain other Printers

Breme Address Book - Version 2+

Printers which handle envelopes in the same way they handle sheets of paper - such as Epson, Canon and the like - will have no problem with the default Breme Address Book settings.

However the sideways single envelope feeding system found on HP, Lexmark and similar printers means that the Breme Address Book default settings must be altered. To do this go to Envelopes/Orientation and select Vertical.

Breme Address Book will automatically save this setting for you.

As is normal when envelope printing with HP, Lexmark or similar printers you must select the envelope size and horizontal orientation from Print Setup.

You can access Print Setup from Breme Address Book by going to Envelopes/Printer setup.

You should choose the largest available size of envelope no matter what size you actually intend to use..
This will allow Breme Address Book to adjust the positioning of the address to this and any smaller size you may select from the Breme Address Book Envelope/Envelope Size menu..

For envelopes too large for the single feeder, you will have to use the paper tray/feed (as per HP/Lexmark etc instructions) and input a user defined paper size which is the exact size of the envelope you are using (Click on the Properties button if you need to - then on the user defined section of the drop-down menu). Don't forget to reset to a horizontal orientation while doing this!