Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy Breme Address Book?

Breme Address Book is shareware. Download it and try it free for up to 30 days.
At the end of this time, if you want to go on using it you will have to register.
Clicking on the 'Register' button on the left will take you to a secure server.
The charge is £15 (GBP)+ local tax if any.
You can use VISA, MasterCard and several other cards, or other payment methods including PayPal.
Once registered you will be sent an unlock code which will allow you unrestricted use of Breme Address Book including future minor updates. You also become entitled to technical help via email.

How do I design my return address?

Go to the 'Logo' menu and select 'Create return Address'. Follow the instructions. The return address can contain a mixture of fonts, colours, text sizes and styles.

How can I make my return address print over my logo?
How can I make my logo print over my return address?

Go to the 'Logo' menu and select 'Logo over text'.

I want to include my own logo in address book - how do I do this?

You can use any picture or logo, or design one from scratch using a graphics program -
but remember Breme Address Book logos need to be in Windows bitmap format (*.bmp).
Every Windows user has the simple 'Paint' program which you can use to design a new logo.
You can also use it to convert a logo in JPEG (*.jpg) format to bitmap format (*.bmp) - look in the 'Programs' section of the 'Start' menu under 'Accessories'.
For converting from other formats like GIF (*.gif) you will have to use another program, such as the excellent freeware program IrfanView.
When you have finished designing your logo save it to your
Breme Address Book folder.
Now when you click on 'Load Logo' in the 'Logo' menu your personal logo will be listed.

If you are not sure which folder
Breme Address Book is in, do the following:-

1) Left click on the 'Start' button.
2) Left click on 'Programs'
3) RIGHT click on Breme Address book then LEFT click on 'Properties'.
4) Make sure the 'Shortcut' tab is uppermost.
5) In the box labeled 'Start in' you will see the name of the folder where Breme Address Book is situated.
6) This destination (minus the quotes "") is where you need to extract the file to. ..

I would like to print only the Return Address and/or Logo and nothing else on a batch of 'window' envelopes. How can I do this?

1) Click on the 'New entry' button.
2) Tab down to the 'Post Town/City' field and print a single full stop.
(You need to do this as 'Post Town/City' is a required field.)
3) Save the record.
4) Make sure the 'blank' record is showing then click on the 'Select addresses' toolbar button.
5) Right click on the 'Select' button at the bottom of the
Breme Address Book window
6) Enter the number of envelopes you want printed.
NB - Print spooling must be enabled for your printer.

How can I change
Breme Address Book field labels?

Just double-click on the name you want to change - 'Other details' for example. Type your new label title - 'Email' perhaps - and click OK.

I want to use my own styles - what do I do?

Click on the Style toolbar button Use the Style builder to select exactly how you would like your first line, whether you want the Town/City to be Bold, Uppercase, Underlined or all three - and so on. You can preview your style at any point and change what you don't like. Once you are happy - save your style. You can now use it as your default style or attach it to any number of addresses in your database by double-clicking on the green 'Style' field.
If you include a title in your first-line style but have not entered anything in the title field of the address you are printing,
Breme Address Book will print a space. To get rid of the space remove Title from your first-line style.
For unusual first lines type an * in the 'Other name/s' field followed by exactly what you want to print.
*The Computer Company
will print as The Computer Company
All other 'First line' fields will be ignored.

How can I dial phone numbers with Breme Address Book?

Simply highlight the number you want to call by double clicking on it (or clicking and dragging) and press ENTER or RETURN on your keyboard. Of course you must have a modem to do this and the number must be in the 'Telephone' field.

How can I launch emails?

Just highlight the email address by double clicking on it (or clicking and dragging) and press ENTER or RETURN on your keyboard. Your email program will be launched with the selected address already entered in the 'To' box. The email address must be in the 'Other details' information field.
(If you are using an early,16 bit email, program you may have to register this as your emailer first. To do this click on the 'Misc' menu item and select 'Install email'. You can then browse for your email program and click the 'Open' button.)

When I preview an envelope or label sheet my monitor display is the wrong size. What should I do?

To get the best out of Breme Address Book you need to adjust the preview settings. To do this click on the Style menu item and then on Adjust scale. Follow the instructions. Once you have done this you will not need to do it again - unless you change your monitor. Unless the preview size is correct, logos and return addresses may be misplaced and envelopes and label previews will be inaccurate.

Why doesn't Breme Address Book work correctly with my printer?

It works well with most and it will with yours too!
Unfortunately every printer manufacturer seem to have a different approach to the printing of envelopes -
but with a little experimentation (using plain paper) it is fairly easy to establish the settings which work for you. The Printers advice page will help with this.