Breme Address Book

Now even better!

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Breme Address Book probably one of the best value address books on the web is now even better.

With it you can:-
Smarten your mail with a return address and logo placed where you want them ~


Decide how each address will look using the style builder - or simply use your default style.

Style builder      

Easily print labels using the styles you choose. Include a picture on every page.
Dial numbers; launch emails; launch web pages.

labels      phone

You can search your address data using each of the main fields. You can change the field names - Town to City - Post to Zip
or you can search by word or phrase.

You can also create as many new address databases as you need.

Download it by clicking the Download button on the left.

Breme Address Book  is shareware. You can try it free for 30 days.
If you decide to keep it, registration costs just
£15 GBP (about $29 USD - 22 EURO)

For paymnent Breme Software uses one of the oldest and most trusted payment systems on the web.