English Pronunciation and Spelling.

If you are learning English as a foreign language ~
you will know just how hard it can be to say new words in the right way.

Even if you have learned how to say a word, but then have to write it, you can often get it wrong.

Breme Write Right can help you.

Not one word in the sentence below is spelt as it should be...

Meny peepl fiend Inglish speling ekstreemlee cunfioozing.

but Write Right can sort it out.

The program shows you lists of words you could have meant.
For Meny you would get this ...

You can listen to to the words being read by a speech engine.
As you see, many of them will have pictures as well.
In this way it's easy to spot the word you wanted.

Here's peepl ...

and for fiend you get a warning.
A fiend (feend) is like a devil ...

With Write Right's help you could soon have the whole thing solved and be able to write:- "Many people find English spelling extremely confusing." with NO mistakes!

If you have learned the basic sounds which are used in spoken English (see the list on the right) you can use these to spell the word you want and Write Right will find the correct spelling for you. Even more simply you can just use the closest letter sound or blend. If you spelt "turn" as "tern" for example, Write Right would guide you to the correct spelling.

You may be very good at understanding written English but trying to pronounce what you read is not easy.
The speech engine will help here.
It can read anything you have written.
If it's just one word you want to hear, click on it and press F12.
Just occasionally the speech engine gets it wrong,
but 99.9% of the time it gets it right. What a help that is!
You can try the program FREE for 30 days.

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a as in at
ay as in tray
air as in fair
as in star
as in bed
as in meet (see note for y):
as in big
as in lie
as in dog
as in toe
as in oil
as in fool
as in would , took
as in cow
as in morning
as in but *
ur as in turn

* (Some people identify uh
also known as a schwa
for the short sound
in words such as
butter or player,
but this sound is
almost the same as u)


b as in bat
ch as in child
d as in door
f as in fun-fair
g as in get
h as in have
j as in jump
k as in key
ks as in fox
l as in love
m as in man
n as in nice
ng as in thing
p as in poor
r as in run
s as in sum
sh as in ship
t as in top
th as in think, thank
th (voiced) as in this, that
v as in voice
w as in was
y as in yesterday *
z as in zoo
zh as in pleasure

* (Note that the y sound is rather like a shortened ee.)